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Point of Sale Resource Center

Multiple registers updating common database concurrently x
QuickBooks Supportxx
Product Modifiersxx
Product: Add-ons, Upsell Offer, Quantity Discounts, Insurance Offerxx
Show alternate products when out-of-stockxx
Product kits or Built productsxx
Cash, check, credit card and splittender salesxx
Store Credit, Gift Cards, Down Payment, Layaway, Terms (Billing)xx
Keep track of historical transaction recordsxx
Can use bar code scanner, Keyboard or Touch Screenxx
User-defined multiple price levelsxx
Discount pricing for different customers.xx
Automatic discounts for sales periodxx
Low Margin Warningsxx
Keeps track of inventory on-hand quantitiesxx
Generates invoices, receipts, packing slips, quotesxx
Generate Purchase Orders with recommended reorder qtyxx
Payment due noticexx
Navigate to all previously generated invoices / receipts.xx
Sales Commission trackingxx
Keeps track of cashier, cash registerxx
Keeps track of sales personelxx
Keeps track of customer informationxx
Sales with or without customer specified.xx
Shipping charge and shipping informationxx
Taxable, and tax exempt customersxx
Void or Edit invoicexx
Keep track of Reservations (Restaurant versions)xx
Keeps track of minimum inventory re-order quantityxx
Automatic reorder estimatorxx
Inventory Controlxx
Product information maintenance screen to update inventory on-hand, minimum quantity.xx
Inventory on-hand is automatically updated as you sell the products in point-of-sale screen.xx
Price lookup screen also shows the inventory on-handxx
Vendor information is connected to the product informationxx
USA, UK, Canada, Australian versionxx
Supports Tax Added or Tax Included methodsxx
Currency & Terminology Editorxx
Number of Reports4848
Sales journal in any date rangesxx
Sales journal at detail level (product sales) and summary level (invoice level).xx
Sales journal (detail and summary)downloaded to Excelxx
Sales reports by product, category, vendor, cashier, sales personnel in any date rangesxx
Manpower Planningxx
Reports can be saved, emailed, printed or copiedxx
Automatic Email Reportsxx
Print customer information listxx
Print product information listxx
Download customer information to (text, Excel)xx
Download product information to (text, Excel)xx
Upload customer information from (text, Excel)xx
Upload product information from (text, Excel)xx
Product, Category and logo picturesxx
Customer Databasexx
Easy search by customerxx
Update name address, phone, fax, contact, e-mail address, and other notesxx
Update additional ship-to, address, information, phone, faxxx
Information print, download and upload capabilityxx
Customer Order Limitxx
Customer Credit Limitxx
Access Securityxx
Option to run with or without access securityxx
Password securityxx
Club / Member discountsxx
Private invoice notesxx
Receipt messages and notesxx
Track bad check writersxx
No installation requiredxx
Multiple open salesxx
Instant Payment Historyxx
Instant Customer Purchase Historyxx
Transfer Inventoryxx
Coupon Discount by Amount and %xx
Allow Trade-in'sxx
Rent by Hour, Day or flat ratexx
Multiple printer and remote printer supportxx
Accept Credit cardsxx
Auto Backupsxx
Pay-out trackingxx

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