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The Big ToDo
Todo List & Scheduler
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Designed to help you organize your day.
  • Appointments
  • Appointments to that can remind with an alarm and can be set to repeat every day, week, month etc.
  • To Do List
  • Prioritize your day with the To Do's; and never forget the important stuff; and if you do forget The Big ToDo will remind you tomorrow.
  • Alarms
  • Never forget to call your customers again. The Big ToDo will remind you to call every day, week month etc.

    Do you have technical support. Yes! We do all of our technical support by email, AIM and phone. However, you will be surprised at how fast we respond. We're here all day just waiting for your questions!
    Can you change this ... We make small changes, customization, larger changes or even complete custom additions. Just ask us. You'll be pleased with how fast and fair our quotes are!
    How long will it take to get the software. You will receive your software usually with-in an hour. As soon as we receive notice of payment, we email it to you. You will also receive service updates for free for 6 months.
    How can your software be so compact? The real question is how can theirs be so large? We don't use VB (Visual Basic), Java or other fine languages that were intended for other purposes. We only use native code compiled languages, usually C++ that produce fast and compact code. We don't put in a lot of useless pictures and icons that are hard to figure out and take up megabytes of memory! This is the Internet age, where fast, accurate and safe are important.

    Service First!
    Simply Download and GO!
  • NO Registration!
  • NO Setup or Sign ups!
  • NO Configurations or Installations!
  • Help menus for all features!
  • Ready to Run!
  • Free Demo has all features except printing and saving.

  • For any questions at all please ask! We would be glad to help in any way.

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