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General information on building your POS system.

  • A receipt printer: This connects just like any other printer, but is not necessary if you only need to print invoices and statements. Use a regular printer for invoices, statements, reports, price tags and bar code labels.

  • Automatic Cash Drawer: connects to the receipt printer. When the receipt prints the printer will open the cash drawer automatically. This can be optionally set by the POS software.

  • Scanner: A keyboard wedge bar code scanner connects into the keyboard port with no other system setups required. The scanner itself may need some configuration but this is usually quick and easy. Included is a 'Y' connector for the keyboard.

  • Monitor: A standard monitor or a Touchscreen monitor can be used. A Touchscreen will allow for keyless and mouseless operation. Touchscreen monitors connect like a standard monitor and do not require special configuration.

  • Computers: POS ezPower requires a machine running Windows 2000 or better. A conventional PC can be used and peripherals such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner can be added.

  • Operating Systems: POS ezPower requires Windows 2000/XP/Visa or 7. Most new machines are pre-configured with the latest Windows, which includes networking capabilities that work well.

    Single POS Register:
  • ezPower POS software
  • Standard Computer
  • Monitor or Touchscreen (optional)
  • Cash Drawer (optional)
  • Receipt Printer (optional)
  • Bar Code scanner (optional)
    * Planning for multiply registers, purchase the POS ezPower Network version to allow for future additions of registers.

    Multiple POS Registers:
  • POS ezPower Network*
  • Monitor or Touchscreen (optional)
  • Cash Drawer (optional)
  • Receipt Printer (optional)
  • Bar Code scanner (optional)
    * One licence of ezPower POS Network is all you need to control all your registers and back office computer (any PC connected to the network).

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