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Value Added Reseller

Denver Research is always seeking quality organizations to represent, sell and support its POS software products. Partnering with Denver Research to become a Solution Provider allows an organization to provide real value to small and mid size companies in wholesale, retail, distribution, mail order, and service industries. Solution Providers not only profit nicely from selling our leading edge software products, but also from implementing these products into businesses and providing software services over the years for on going revenue and profits.

The growth and success of any business depends on customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention. Denver Research has been successful in providing the highest level of products and services.

If you are looking for products that truly stand out from their competitors while working with a company that values business partnerships, we invite you to take a closer look at our VAR Program

    Partner Categories
  • POS Resellers for our standard software package.
  • Resellers looking for software to bundle for a complete solution
  • Local POS System Integrators
  • Custom Solution Partners
  • Private Label your own version
  • Strategic Partners - NEW - Use ezPower as a front end to your application. For example, your software takes orders over the internet and sends the orders to ezPower to maintain one inventory with the retail store.
  • Software pre-configured to accommodate your equipment packages
  • Customized variations
  • Unequaled Customer Support
  • Partners can buy our products directly online
  • Cooperative Advertising
  • Priority Technical Support

    VAR Overview
  • Only your contact information in our software.
  • Private label: sell your own version with your name on it.
  • We will provide technical support to you or your customer, either way as you request.
  • To become a VAR you need to send in your application.

To particapate in our VAR Partner Program, or for more information, contact a sales representative.

Information is the key to our new version. Sales are listed by Year, Month, Day, Hour, Salesperson, Cashier, Vendor, Category or Customer. Find who, where, and when your sales are at their highest and lowest. Other reports give detailed breakdowns of every product by a Vendor or Category. See the cost, profit and sales in detail with a single click. Find out who's the top salesperson at a glance. What's the best cities or zip codes? Instantly find out if products are being sold below your set margins. Our POS software gives the power to you, the power to run your business at top efficiency.

Our POS software turns any PC into a super smart management system that will increase your profits. It will improve your overall operations, especially in inventory control and check out. Easy Business lets you ring sales, print fully itemized receipts or invoices, receive and track inventory, track who your customers are and print sales reports, including reorder reports.

Easy to Learn Designed for first time users, pull-down menus and point-and-select windows make the program easy to use. For a transaction, the operator scans the bar code label or keys in the transaction and, with a few keystrokes or use of a touch screen, can produce a fully itemized receipt. As each transaction is completed, the products sold are automatically deducted from the inventory. Easy to Operate