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Sell On The Internet!
Automatic Websites
Simple, Fast, Powerful
  • No programming required
  • Accept payments by PayPal
  • Email notification of orders
  • Reads ezPower POS files
  • All Major Credit Cards
    For companies wanting to sell their products over the web. You now can have a complete detailed website with your products and services selling automatically without knowing any programming!
    WebGen website generator

  • Use PayPal to accept credit card payments
    WebGen understands PayPal and will generate PayPal links automatically. Now you can sell on the internet and accept all major credit cards without having to buy a merchant account. PayPal is free and easy to use.

  • Closely integrated with ezPower POS software
    WebGen is a FREE module built into ezPower POS and will read ezPower product files and company information. With that information, you have an instant website; ready to sell all your products on the internet!

  • No programming knowledge required
    WebGen does all the code generation. You select a web theme and enter your company information. Webgen does the rest, gathering all the product information and pictures from ezPower. You will have a complete website ready to go because WebGen will even post your new website to your web server.

  • Email notification of orders
    If you like, PayPal will send you an email notifying you of each order that's placed on your website.

    What's Needed
  • ezPower POS software with WebGen
  • Website Host

    For any questions at all please ask! We would be glad to help in any way.
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